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Over 300 courses of the highest scale available on the market to help take you from a novice to expert trading levels in the financial market.


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TraderCademy also offers courses for experienced market participants seeking to improve or explore new strategies.

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TraderCademy offers a course that will tackle the most basic and necessary principles in trading. This is the beginning of your education, one of the most crucial parts of becoming a successful trader. Learn about tradable assets and instruments, and all the basics you need.
The experienced course is designed for those who have experience trading and are familiar with the industry. The course expands the horizons of the experienced trader, teaching them more about what they have not heard of – the untold secrets of the trading world.
The professional trading course is a specialized course focusing on education for professional traders. You will learn about technical analysis, sentiments, proper application of the correct analytics and types of charts. Learn more about what you think you know.
Get all the packages in one deal. This bundle is for people who want to start from zero, or close to zero and become professional traders. Together with TraderCademy, you will become the trader you want to be. Learn about ins and outs of the industry, and tackle it all with confidence.

“The courses offered by TraderCademy are great. The instructors really know their expertise, and talking to different mentors has given me lots of ideas that I can add to my trading skills.”

Fred Murrell

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