Day: November 30, 2020


Trading Psychology: The Things Nobody Talks About

Trading success stands on four fundamental pillars: knowledge, experience, psychology, and luck. In this blog, we are going to talk about the psychological aspects of trading. To be more exact, we are going to dive into some of the lesser-known (and incredibly important) aspects of psychology in trading. There are several commonly know physiological obstacles …

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Types of Investment Structures: Terms you need to know

An investment structure simply talks about the legal ownership of your investments. At this point, you will already know that there are different kinds of investments and fundamentally different vehicles through which you can achieve your different investment objectives. There are also different ways to invest in these various classes of assets. For example, when …

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Risk Tolerance

Anyone who plans to become a broker needs to realize that there is no way of escaping the stress and emotional turmoil.  Every trader should be able to measure and determine the risk tolerance in trading as it is one of the most critical steps. Thus, risk tolerance is an essential component in investing. Remember, …

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The Difference Between Shareholders and Stakeholders

Once you get into the world of brokerage, you’ll quickly notice that there’s an extensive glossary of terms you should familiarize yourself with. However, the process of learning delicate definitions is, for most, a tedious and unpleasant one. Because of that, people often skim through the words, picking up the key meaning but not the …

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I     Advantages of the Forex Market            3
II    Basic Forex Concepts                              8
III   Orders in the Forex Market                     13
IV   Game Plan for Successful Trading       18
V    Beginner Trading Strategies                   25

Chapter 1:


1.1. What Is The Forex Market?

The Forex market is a place in which investors are allowed to trade foreign currencies in a given trading period. It is considered to be the world’s largest market with a daily output of 3 trillion US dollars.

The value of currencies is constantly changing every minute throughout the day, depending on the supply and demand levels. Therefore, the market is open twenty-four hours a day five days a week.

Compared to other financial mediums, the Forex market provides better security in the world of investment.

The concept of Forex trading is similar to the regular market, where participants buy and sell goods. In the Forex market, traders are buying and selling foreign currencies. There are over 100 currency pairs available in the financial markets.

There is a uniform currency exchange rate used in the global financial markets. Whatever exchange rate is used in New York, it will be the same exchange rate used in other countries.

The Forex market involves an international network of computers and brokers from all over the world.

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