About Us

About Us

What is TraderCademy?

TraderCademy is an education hub for aspiring traders as well as those who already have ample knowledge about trading, enabling them to acquire bigger, better, and more useful knowledge about the trading world and its ins and outs.

TraderCademy employs various experts and professionals who want to share their knowledge and experience to those who are willing to expand their horizon, allowing them to make the right trading decisions whenever they attempt to trade.

We use a streamlined, well-planned, and organized program designed to provide quality education to learners minus the hassle of complex, tedious brick-and-mortar schools/academy, providing you the trading education you need with just a computer and internet connection.


TraderCademy aims to provide quality and comprehensive trading education to its clients, bringing them the learning they need before, during, and even after they make their first dip in the trading world.

Our Vision

We aspire to make it possible for all kinds of traders from all walks of life to gain the necessary education for a worthwhile trading career using simple, easy-to-access tools and programs available at the tip of their fingers.

Meet Our Instructors

TradeCademy’s people include professional instructors who are capable of providing comprehensive industry knowledge and insight on the markets worldwide.

Anthony Hutchinson

Market Analyst/Chief Fundamental Analyst
Anthony studied economics for years and used his knowledge to work in the financial markets, giving him tremendous experience and expertise in the field.

Sarah Snyder

Risk Strategist/Chief Technical Analyst
Sarah hails from an ivy-league university and now takes on the task of educating traders about the importance of risk management and risk analysis, while also helping them use technical analysis to their advantage.

Michelle Lin

Currency Strategist/Chief Currency Analyst.
Michelle has a degree in economics and years of experience as a currency strategist in the market, now taking part in TraderCademy’s goal of providing education to clients and traders.

Thomas Cain

Portfolio Strategist/Chief Portfolio Manager
Thomas has an excellent track record as a senior portfolio manager and now he wants to impart his knowledge to those striving to become successful traders and investors themselves.
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About TraderCademy

TraderCademy is a website that helps you kick off your trading career by providing you with the fundamental, technical, and necessary knowledge needed to have a successful trading career.

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