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TraderCademy’s mission is to improve lives through learning. Our platform features an extensive, multi-language library, which includes hundreds of courses taught by expert instructors. Choose the package that suits your level and objectives (Beginner, Experienced, Pro, or Bundle), click on “Enroll Now,” pay for your course, and start learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
TraderCademy offers a wide range of courses tailored to everyone’s level (from beginner to advanced / pro), style, and objectives. Our 300+ Trading Courses offer an in-depth understanding of the complex trading world, from the most basic and necessary principles in trading to the most advanced analysis and strategies. Check out the “Courses” section for more information.
Each TraderCademy course is created, owned, and managed by our team of expert instructors. The Tradercademy courses and lessons can include videos, slides, text, and tests to check your own progress. In addition, you will benefit from one to one coaching calls from your dedicated mentor as a way to enhance the learning experience of students.
Yes, TraderCademy offers lifetime access to your courses. It means that you will continue to have access to the course after you complete it. So, if you wish to review specific content in the course after you finish it or take it all over again, you’re welcome.

TraderCademy courses are entirely on-demand. You can begin the course whenever you like, and there are no deadlines to complete it.

TraderCademy courses can be accessed from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets (IOS/Android) connected to a WIFI or 3G/4G/5G network.

After you enroll in a course, you can access it by clicking on the course link you will receive in your confirmation email (provided you’re logged into your TraderCademy account). You can also begin the course by logging in.
You can follow more than one course at a time, but we recommend following only one course at a time, especially for newbies, to make sure you won’t get confused and master each subject. Our educational counselor’s recommendation is to take it step by step and build yourself a good base of knowledge.
We offer skills-based courses taught by experts in their field, and every approved, paid course features a certificate of completion to document your accomplishment. At the same time, TraderCademy is not an accredited institution.
You can choose the TraderCademy Beginner package for an introduction to the trading world and to learn the fundamentals. But if you want to take your knowledge to a pro-level, then the Bundle package is for you. It covers it all from beginner to expert strategies, analysis, psychology, and more.
The TraderCademy Pro package is specifically tailored to professional investors giving them access to a wide range of advanced tools, strategies, analysis, and resources. Thus, to help you become the best trader you can be and always keeping you updated with the latest findings and trends.
We support International Credit And Debit Cards: Visa and MasterCard. PayPal is a supported method of payment for Tradercademy courses in most countries as well. Depending on your location and what country your TraderCademy account is registered in, your payment methods may include the following:
Tradercademy courses are available in English, French, Portuguese and Russian. We are currently working with expert tutors from across the world to translate and adapt all our courses into many other languages such as Spanish, German, and many other languages.
If you need to take a break, please inform your dedicated mentor to reschedule your one to one coaching call sessions.
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I     Advantages of the Forex Market            3
II    Basic Forex Concepts                              8
III   Orders in the Forex Market                     13
IV   Game Plan for Successful Trading       18
V    Beginner Trading Strategies                   25

Chapter 1:


1.1. What Is The Forex Market?

The Forex market is a place in which investors are allowed to trade foreign currencies in a given trading period. It is considered to be the world’s largest market with a daily output of 3 trillion US dollars.

The value of currencies is constantly changing every minute throughout the day, depending on the supply and demand levels. Therefore, the market is open twenty-four hours a day five days a week.

Compared to other financial mediums, the Forex market provides better security in the world of investment.

The concept of Forex trading is similar to the regular market, where participants buy and sell goods. In the Forex market, traders are buying and selling foreign currencies. There are over 100 currency pairs available in the financial markets.

There is a uniform currency exchange rate used in the global financial markets. Whatever exchange rate is used in New York, it will be the same exchange rate used in other countries.

The Forex market involves an international network of computers and brokers from all over the world.

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